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Stay in this charming three bedroom apartment in the middle of Chinatown! This apartment has 1 queen and 2 twin sized beds.There is no living room available. Features like a dining table that can sit 4 people, flat screen TV's, hardwood floors and more.

**located in a traditional NYC walkup building **hardwood floors
**flat screen TVs
**wifi ready
**dining table for 4
**equipped kitchen

Location: This apartment is located in Chinatown. You will find many types of cuisine like Asian and Italian food. Some restaurants in the neighborhood are Amazing 66, Pellegrino's,Ferrara Bakery, Nyonya and more. You can also have some icecream at the famous The Original Chinatown Ice Cream Factory or bubble tea at Vivi's. You can also take a walk on The Manhattan Bridge. You will see amazing views of Brooklyn, Manhattan and the East River.

The closest train stations to this apartment will be J and Z train on the corner of Canal and Centre Street. You can also hop on the 6 train which is located on Canal and Lafayette Street. The closest bus will be the M103.


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