Number of Guests

World Travel Suites specializes in fully furnished apartments located in the trendiest and most desired New York City neighborhoods. Whether you are looking for a corporate stay, student housing or anything in between, our incredibly knowledgeable and friendly staff will be sure to help you find an apartment that will fit the size of your group or individual stay.


So, why stay with us?

unit comes with a fully furnished apartment and several amenities available to you, which is something you would not receive from traditional real estate companies or hotels. This provides a home away from home environment.

With eighteen years of experience in the real estate industry and over 200 spacious units, you can rely on World Travel Suites to help you find the best place to stay in the City.

At World Travel Suites, customer satisfaction is our number one priority. In order to ensure the satisfaction of every one of our clients, each client receives their own attentive real estate specialist at their disposal to ensure your needs are always met every moment of your stay. Because of this individual undivided attention, your stay with World Travel Suites is set to be smooth and tireless.

World Travel Suites prides itself on giving the most personal attention possible, so we invite you to join our thousands of satisfied clients and see what sets World Travel Suites apart from other real estate companies.